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Image by Dominik Schröder
"I recently had a remote session with Lisa.  I am awaiting another shoulder surgery because the loss of mobility and pain has been severe, interrupting my sleep and interfering with my daily activities. During my session we traveled back to a former lifetime many years ago.  With Lisa’s guidance and the help of my higher self, I was able to explore the circumstances that caused me serious trauma in the past, and my trial of carrying it forward to the present.  We were able to clear the wound from many ages ago, leaving me to retrace my steps back to now, without that wounding.  My shoulder pain has been greatly lessened and I am confident I can now comfortably make it until my surgery is rescheduled. I am sleeping better, some of my existing GI complaints have lessened, and I just feel lighter and less burdened.  I am grateful I trusted Lisa to take me back to that time and free me from that pain."

— Dave B.

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