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"I am truly amazed at how effective Lisa, using her  techniques and skills, was able to help me find the closure that typically takes six months to a year, or longer - and in only two weeks!  I feel so unburdened. It’s incredible."  

Lawrence, Mass

"Thanks for being there for me. I'll never really understand your depth of care and concern for those you work with. A rare and powerful talent."


Ann, CT





My Trance Answers session was the single most eye opening and comforting experience I have ever had.  Trance answers was spiritually uplifting, and empowering, and although  I still have more questions, that session has helped me to realize the beginning of this great journey for me. 

Dayann, CT

You baffle me, really. I've met you once and yet you completely understand where I'm at and understand the struggles I go through. I don't know how you do what you do, but I'm eternally grateful. 

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